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Finally a segmentation tool where price, resources, and expertise are no longer obstacles. Analyze360 is a robust and on-demand tool that’s built from years of expertise in data science. Our variables allow your to pinpoint your ideal consumer, donor, voter, or any other target audience. With better information about socio-demographics, lifestyles and behaviors, the sky is the limit with how you can help your organization.

Pinpoint your ideal audience

Upload Data

Simply drag and drop a spreadsheet
with your customer data into the
Analyze360 segmentation tool. It
automatically validates,standardizes, and
enriches customer data before beginning
advanced data analyses.

Generate Report

In just minutes Analyze360 provides a
rich set of marketing insight, including
unique characteristics about your customers. You can compare your customers to specific data sets, for example consumers across the United States or in a specific state.

Compare & Segment

Analyze360 scores and segments
your audience so you can launch your
product, reconnect with your audience,
find prospects or reveal gaps in your
data. Anaylze360 empowers you to
make better decisions, build client
relationships, and improve ROI.

Segmentation reports that fit your needs

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Single Report


Per Report

Obtain one full segmentation, sociometric and psychometric report for a single customer or marketing list.  Upgradable to anual or premium access.

1 Time Report

Single Account


SM_Icon_Custom (1).png

Annual Access


Per Year

Access to unlimited segmentation, sociometric and psychographic advanced analytics and reporting for one calendar year.

Annual Access

Single Account

Basic Support

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Premium Access


Per Year

Annual access plus advanced features including multiple user accounts, advanced scoring, lead generation and data science support.

Annual Access

Up to 3 Accounts

Advanced Support