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Gain a competitive edge

Discover the untapped value of consumer insights that you didn't know you needed until now. Break free from the obstacles of price, resources, and expertise, and unlock a world of valuable information to propel your business forward.

Unlock the power of segmentation

Data Driven Insights
Transform your customer or marketing lists into advanced insights like consumer behavior, lifestyles, demographics, and trends in minutes!

Cross Sell & Upsell
Exploit every innovative aspect of your product or service. Emphasize the unique aspects of your company that set you apart from large corporations. 

Overcome Communication Barriers
With consumer segmentation insights, you can evolve your marketing strategy to be connected with your audience.

How does Analyze360 work?

Upload Data

Simply drag and drop a spreadsheet with your customer data into the Analyze360 segmentation tool. It automatically validates, standardizes, and enriches customer data before beginning advanced data analyses.

Generate Report

In just minutes Analyze360 provides a rich set of marketing insights, including unique characteristics about your customers. You can compare your customers to specific data sets, for example, consumers across the United States or in a specific state.

Compare & Segment

Analyze360 scores and segments your audience so you can launch your product, reconnect with your audience, find prospects or reveal gaps in your data. Empowering you
to make better decisions, build client relationships, and improve ROI.

Segmentation reporting that fits your needs

Single Report
Get one full segmentation, sociometric and psychometric report for a your customer or marketing list. Upgradable to annual or premium access anytime.

Annual Access
Unlimited segmentation, sociometric, and psychographic advanced analytics, and reporting for one calendar year.

Premium Access
Annual access plus advanced features including multiple user accounts, advanced scoring, lead generation, and data science support.

Single Report


1 time report

Single Account



to annual and premium


Our clients say it best...

"Customer engagement via direct email improved 4x over previous campaigns."
Citron Clothing

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